The Pack Leader mobile dog grooming is a family owned business. It started in 2009, after some troubles from the recession and no longer having a forward path in the hard day job they were working, John and Neli began looking for a new career. After a few months of being trained hands on with experienced groomers, Neli developed the skills and love for Grooming dogs. As dog owners themselves, it became clear to John and Neli that this was the business for them. So they invested years of savings into a grooming van and slowly but surely worked to build their skills to service more and more happy pet owners in the Tri-city area.


After three years, the demand for services become so high that they found themselves working a full schedule. People were inquiring and requesting for their services but unfortunately, as human beings, they had a limitation.


A choice had to be made, to either dedicate their time to existing clients and keep offering them the best service possible, or keep accepting new clients and potentially jeopardize their reputation of  good customer service built since the first client.


It became evident that the business needed to expand. To do so they needed to find another van and a groomer who would fit the philosophy of The Pack Leader, quality and customer satisfaction in first place.


So now, fast forward to 2016, where a new van has been acquired, the right groomers were found, and The Pack Leader is prepared to extend their services to more happy dog owners on the road with the same customer dedication that they have always offered.


John and Neli now welcome you to give them a call to schedule an appointment, ask any questions, or request any assistance you may need, independently of being their clients or not.


The Pack Leader will be very happy to service you.